Our scientists discover and develop drugs to enhance healthy brain function and to treat psychiatric illnesses, which are among the most serious medical challenges facing humanity today.

Psychiatric Treatments - Patents / IP

We are a company dedicated to developing superior and differentiated treatments for Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders, including depression, PTSD, pain, anxiety, and addiction. We apply a rigorous therapeutic discovery and development process that includes the repurposing of existing, abandoned, and developmental compounds for new indications.

Groundbreaking scientific insights in neuroscience, genetics, systems biology, and brain circuitry, together with powerful new tools, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), drive our discovery efforts.  These insights and tools offer an unprecedented opportunity for the advancement of innovative medicines for CNS disorders.

The time is now. The time is right.

Scientific approach

Our team of "drug hunting scientists" has 100+ years of CNS drug experience. Advances in the genetics and cell biology underlying CNS disorders have identified pathways that contribute to disease onset and progression. We are applying deep scientific and drug development expertise to harvest the full potential of these advances to develop safe and effective therapeutics.

We are building and advancing a pipeline of high value therapeutics that have the potential to significantly improve neuropsychiatric care. We have three primary approaches:

  • Repurposing drugs with well-understood safety profiles for new indications including rare pediatric and orphan diseases.
  • Developing patented New Chemical Entities (NCEs).


The programs in our diversified portfolio of product candidates are based on our deep expertise in the biology of CNS diseases and were selected through a rigorous process by our team. All programs represent reduced risk approaches, and our patented product candidates meet the criteria to be acquired by or partnered with Big Pharma.

Our business development strategy is to take a blended approach. To reflect this, our pipeline will consist of co-developed assets and wholly owned assets. Our core portfolio consists of programs at various stages of clinical and pre-clinical development that have the potential to improve the lives of millions of people in the USA and beyond.


Natural Products and Derivatives

A significant proportion of FDA-approved medicines are derived from plants, and yet only 0.1% of the 450,000 plants on Earth have been studied.  Many psychoactive plants are at risk of becoming rare and the wisdom of traditional healers continues to be lost.

Our pipeline will include NCEs based on phytoactives that have CNS plasticity and anti-inflammatory activity.


Delivering On Our Strategy


We are a pharmaceutical company with pioneering scientists who build product pipelines and companies that have high societal impact and transform health.

We plan to create and deploy powerful platform technologies which have the potential to catalyze high-value partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies.