Advances in the genetics and cell biology underlying CNS Disorders have identified pathways that contribute to disease onset and progression. We plan to apply deep scientific and drug development expertise to harvest the full potential of these advances to develop safe and effective therapeutics.

drug development Pipeline

While psychedelics are emerging as an important component of the mental healthcare revolution, we are still in the early days. It is important to recognize that providing a comprehensive response to the global mental health crisis is key.

This comprehensive response leverages insights from CNS research (including research in psychedelics), as well as enhancements in drug discovery and development, including brain imaging and genomics. To this end, we are repurposing medicines using powerful and proven approaches.


Pharmaceutical patents


We seek "composition of matter" patents, also called product patents – the strongest possible type of patent which is not circumventable. This is what our substantial partners require.

We are not proponents of formulation, crystalline forms, and process patents. Our product candidates meet the stringent criteria for partnering with Big Pharma.


Our blended strategy of nutraceuticals and FDA-approved medicines is built on strong IP and provides a sustainable competitive advantage.

We are actively working on several valuable patent families. From our experience, strong IP strategies enhance and catalyze strategic deals with big pharma.


Plants With CNS Active Compounds

We take what is known but understudied from ethnobotanists and make judicious selections of botanical/fungal candidates from global bioresources.  These candidates, with known CNS activities, have been used in cultural and traditional medicine for centuries.

The psychoactive agents of these plants are isolated and characterized, both chemically and pharmacologically, and used as leads in our drug discovery programs. In contrast to traditional drug discovery programs of pharma and biotech, we plan to test the natural products in human subjects, before investing to develop NCE's that have superior characteristics.

After performing the requisite safety and efficacy studies, we may out-license patented plant extracts to others to market as nutraceuticals rather than directly selling plant extracts ourselves.


A Bifurcated Approach

Leverage common infrastructure to capitalize on two distinct commercial opportunities.

graphic.bifurcatedflow left half
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